Video storytelling is a collaborative journey. For a video to be successful, the team and client must travel together with an open heart and mind, to find the sincere, honest, emotional stories behind the brand that will set hearts racing and imaginations soaring.

The destination of every client will be different: you might want to raise funds, promote an event, evaluate a project, showcase an exhibition, describe a service, capture feedback, share information, change perceptions…the possibilities are endless.

You may want to broadcast your video on multiple platforms such as your website, social media channels and live presentations, and we will help you create different versions specifically for each platform.

Whatever story you want to tell and where you want to tell it, your journey with Shuut will be enlightening, uplifting and fun as we steer you smoothly through the production process to your destination.

Here’s a guide to the journey you can expect when you work with us…


We put the kettle on, sit down with you and ask the three most important questions: who needs to see your video, How do you want them to feel when they watch it, and what do you want them to do afterwards. The answers to these questions will guide us through the entire production process.


Based on the answers to those questions, we develop ideas and concepts to help you tell your story in the most appropriate and effective way, incorporating storytelling techniques to provoke an emotional response.


Once we’ve collectively agreed on a style and concept, we start to map out the journey. We think about who will be in the video, where it will be filmed and when, who will be in the production team and what equipment will be most appropriate. We also spend time understanding the details of the story so we can plan exactly what we need to capture. This is a stage that many production companies skim over, but we believe thorough planning makes the journey smoother and results in a more compelling and successful video.


We capture your story thoughtfully, creatively and sensitively, never loosing sight of the video’s purpose and intended audience. Our crews are specially selected for each project according to their expertise and areas of interest.


Our editors are not only technically skilled, they’re also master storytellers. They instinctively know what makes a compelling narrative, and how to get the best out of the footage, interviews and audio. We may also incorporate motion graphics, music and voice-overs if they enhance the visual and emotional experience.


We upload a first edit of your video so you can view and review wherever you are. If there’s more than one person involved in this process, we ask you to share the video, consolidate your comments and feedback with one set of changes.


Once you’re completely happy with your videos, we will send them in the required formats suitable for the platforms on which they’ll be screened. Usually they are sent via a secure upload.


If you don’t already have web and social media support, we can advise you how to set up your channels, upload your videos, optimize them and analyse their success.


Once your videos have gone live and you have begun to gather feedback about how they’re working, we need to know if they are serving their purpose in the way you hoped. If so, we look at what made them successful, and if not, we explore different approaches for subsequent projects.