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Shuut is a small video production company with a big heart; when you work with us you get a personal, hand-held service and videos with impact.

Shuut is led by experienced video producer and director Ruth Edmondson. Watch Ruth’s story below.

We specialise in video storytelling for purpose driven organisations and professionals that have a social impact, make a positive difference, enable transformations and that care about making life better.

We work with the following sectors:

… and also with other values-led organisations who may not fall within these sectors but have a philanthropic spirit.  

Ongoing communications with new and existing clients, supporters and stakeholders is what keeps the heart of your organisation beating. Your challenges may have changed over the last couple of years. You may need to reach new audiences and communicate with your current audience differently.


Narratives are humanising and powerful. A well-crafted story told in the form of a video has the power to bypass logic and transport the viewer to the heart of an issue. They don’t have to think about it… and they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

As an impact organisation, you know just how important that is.

What else matters? We know that justifying video spend can be an issue, especially when you’re measuring success in terms of awareness rather than pound for pound.  That’s why we make sustainable assets, not disposable content. We will always look for ways to increase value and provide you with renewable resources.

We’re experienced in working with vulnerable groups and in sensitive environments. We treat everyone with compassion and do all we can to make the production experience fun and easy for everyone involved… especially if the idea of being in front of a camera fills you with trepidation. Don’t worry, we’ll hold your hand (we’ll sanitise first – see our covid safety measures).


  • Birmingham Women’s NHS Trust videos, viewed collectively over 100,000 times.
  • Promo videos for award-winning, NHS-approved app, Baby Buddy, which achieved 7,000+ views on Twitter in the first three days, resulting in 2,000 app downloads.
  • Overview and case study videos for Smart Works, which were instrumental in securing funding for two full time members of staff.
  • A fundraising video for Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice, which helped them raise £65,000.
  • Birmingham Royal Ballet Learning Department promo videos and documentaries, helping them secure funding for subsequent projects.
  • Across charity pilgrimage videos, which helped them attract more passengers and volunteers. 
  • An explainer video for KIDS charity, that helped young people and their parents to understand the complex subject of Personal Budgets

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Shuut is led by experienced video producer and director, Ruth Edmondson. Watch her story.

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